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Learn to detect phishing and other scams to protect yourself and your information.

Detect Phishing and Protect Your Information

Phishing techniques are changing all the time. A phishing attack might not even be trying to get more money – the scammer may use their illicit access to impersonate you and scam someone else. Learning how to detect phishing is the first step in defending yourself. See Attack Techniques Scammers are Using with Joel Hollenbeck…[Read More]

Google’s Making Data Portability Safety a Priority

When you hear “Google Takeout,” you might start to conjure up the celebrity-laden “Uber Eats” commercials promoting food deliveries and think Google is having its turn. But not so fast. Google’s “takeout” has nothing to do with pizza, Kung Pao chicken, or sushi rolls. The only thing they’re delivering is the convenience of transferable data.…[Read More]

VPN Scams

VPN Scams are Real. Know What You’re Getting…or Not Getting.

Is there any service or product for which you’d have a lifetime subscription? Probably not. So, if a VPN provider is offering never-ending service for a one-time fee, you have to wonder what’s going on, even if the low price seems worth it.[Read More]

As Cryptocurrencies Try to Go Mainstream, So Do Cryptocurrency Scams

If you haven’t noticed, cryptocurrency is going mainstream—or is trying desperately to do so—with high-profile actors like Matt Damon appearing on Super Bowl ads to a major sporting venue, the former Staples Center in Los Angeles taking on the name of a new cryptocurrency company.[Read More]

Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode on Your Browser. What It Does and Doesn’t Do.

If you simply want to hide you browser activity on you computer (from friends and family), there’s a feature called “incognito” mode. The word incognito means hiding your identity. Well, this isn’t actually that. This is hiding your website searches. Hiding the fact that you went to those sites.[Read More]

Security awareness is the first step towards better security.

Security Awareness: Understanding and Appreciating the Risks

All security is personal. The first step towards better personal security is better security awareness. But in addition to awareness, you also need an appreciation of the security risks that are out there. See Security Challenges and Risks with Robert Siciliano for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey podcast episode. Robert Siciliano is a…[Read More]

Cyber security risks are always evolving.

Cyber Security Risks: An Ever-Evolving Challenge

Using any technology comes with risks. Understanding that risk and how it evolves as technology evolves is essential to helping you minimize those cyber security risks. See The Constantly Evolving Subject of Cyber Security with Stephen Cobb for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey podcast episode. Stephen Cobb is a best-selling author of dozens…[Read More]

Corporate espionage is effective, but not as sophisticated as you might think.

The Secrets of Corporate Espionage

Corporate espionage is alive and well, and not nearly as sophisticated as you might think. Competitors are hiring corporate spies to find out information and poach the best employees. In order to prevent it, you have to know how it happens. See Corporate Spying with Robert Kerbeck for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey…[Read More]

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