part from highlighting their own successes and updates, they publish content on localization, challenges with translating specific language pairs, and building multilingual social marketing campaigns. Readers can stay abreast of upcoming translation events or the latest localization blunders they should avoid in their own work.


Welocalize is a US-based global localization and content transformation agency. Their blog tackles topics such as how to localize multimedia content, the use of AI in localization and translation services, business expansion, and natural language processing in digital content. The blog could also be of interest to localization and translation professionals who want to learn more about the industry itself and the challenges that business clients are looking to solve. Some of the gems you can uncover there are the future of translation technology, the latest trends in digital marketing, as well as diverse data protection laws and regulations.

Trusted Translations

The Translation Blog by Trusted Translations aims to help businesses define the right translation and localization strategy for their products or services. Business leaders and executives who are looking to expand into new markets will find contributions on topics such as choosing the right translation agency, the challenges and opportunities of machine translation, translating a website, or making the most of transcription services. The blog also looks at questions relevant to language professionals such as how to avoid translation inconsistencies and how to ace legal translations.


Gengo is a crowdsourced translation service with a presence in the US, UK, and Japan. Their blog addresses both translators who want to hone their skills and business leaders looking for industry insights. Topics for translators include common translation mistakes across different language pairs, th

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