Adjust the distance, spread, & size of the drop shadow. If you can’t see the drop shadow while you’re working, make sure that the “Preview” box is checked.

Don’t go too far with the drop shadow – the goal is to make the text easier to read.

In the image below, I’m adjusting the drop shadow for the tag line. In a moment, I’ll copy that to the big title & the small blog name.

Make Blog Post Graphics | Imagine Design Repeat

Time for another shortcut.

We want to add the same drop shadow to the other two text boxes.

In the layers panel, right-click on the text layer you just added a drop shadow to, and click “Copy layer style.”

Do you see where we’re going with this?

Make Blog Post Graphics | Imagine Design Repeat

Now, right-click on one of the other text layers, and click “Paste layer style.” Instant drop shadow.

You are officially awesome.

Repeat on the last text layer, and win the day.

Make Blog Post Graphics | Imagine Design Repeat

Want more options?

Check out a few more examples of the power you now possess with your Photoshop magic.

Make Blog Post Graphics | Imagine Design Repeat

How easy was that? Even if you’ve never opened Photoshop before, you can make blog post graphics (that you actually like!) in just a few minutes. Honestly, the longest part is finding a photo. Speaking of which, if you need a great source for FREE stock photos, I’ve got you covered.

You write awesome blog posts that serve your audience well. There’s no reason you can’t make blog post graphics just as awesome!

And, if you want to use a photo that doesn’t have copy space, all you need is an overlay. Check out this tutorial to make a blog post graphic – it’s simple and fast!

Look at you go – you’re building a stock of go-to design templates. Watch out, world!

Design Assets I used:

How to Make Blog Post Graphics in Photoshop

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